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Welcome. We are Spacesuit Rentals 

spacesuit rental

Suit up and feel like Neil!

Ever wondered what it’s like to feel like an astronaut?

Wonder no more!

While we can’t provide you with the bone crushing takeoff, zero G environment or the total lack of atmosphere you DO get to don a replica suit made famous by the epic Apollo era missions. 

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Spacesuit rental by the day, weekend or week!

We never like to see you rushed; we want everyone to enjoy the suit as much as possible. For this reason, we ship to you the day before hire starts, so you’ve got it for that little extra time. After all we know you’ll be in it as soon as it arrives.

Spacesuit rental can be done by single days or group days together for a better deal. Weekends are great fun and for those that want something longer we’ve got you covered too.

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Let’s check out the suit. It’s AWESOME!

  • Mission patches

  • Accurate replica gloves

  • Chest pack & hoses

  • Detailed replica helmet

  • Full body suit (of course)

  • Over boots

  • See through gold visor

  • Clear visor option

  • Oxygen tank back pack

Rental Costs


  • ‘Max Time’ Shipping*
  • Full suit inc.O2 tank
  • Dry cleaned before each rental
  • Fully inspected before each rental
  • Deposit refunded after damage inspection
  • Suit insurance is NOT included

1 Day


2 Days/Weekend



£950per week
  • Suit fitting & overview visit
  • Return Shipping Included (UK Only)
  • Full suit
  • Suit size 5ft 10 to 6ft 2